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The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of

Shawn Marchand and Sean Aquino

If you've received an invitation by regular mail or email, you can rsvp online, view time, dinner and location details, find accomodations or view our registry.

Have Questions?

Contact Sean via e-mail or via phone at 415.710.2287.

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If you received a printed invitation you may also reply by regular mail using the included response card and envelope.

Have Questions?

Contact Sean via e-mail or via phone at 415.710.2287.


Saturday the eleventh of July two thousand and nine
at four in the afternoon
Reception to follow at half past six

Add it to your calendar:


Reception and Ceremony held at the house of Teri & Ted Rachwal,
the parents of the groom 1401 S Robert Drive Mt Prospect, Illinois

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Since our home is already pretty full with kitchen stuff, furniture, towels and sheets, we don't need much else for the household. So we thought we would try something different!

We are excited to be planning a trip to Spain for our honeymoon. Instead of creating a gift registry, we collected an assortment of honeymoon experiences that will help us make great memories for years to come. We would like to share our travels with you by taking lots of pictures and posting them on our site.

Visit our Registry
and send us off on our honeymoon


We've booked a suite of rooms at the Sheraton Suites Chicago Elk Grove (view map). The hotel has offered our guests a discounted rate of $79/night. You can book your room at the Sheraton here or call 1.800.325.3535 and give the name Shawn Marchand.